Here you can find some development links. These links contains useful information which I have used while developing Nomad.NET. I have spent many weeks to find this information, so I hope these links will be also useful for you.

P.S. Right now I have added only latest links, maybe later I will browse my code and notes for more.
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A lazy initialization primitive for .NET 
Blocking images similar to Outlook in .NET 2.0 
Color delta/comparison math 
Colour metric (Calculating colors delta) 
C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector 
Desktop.ini documentation and utilities 
FileLocker class 
Improving Application Startup Time 
List-View Backgrounds 
Office 2007 ToolStrip Renderer 
Practical Tips For Boosting The Performance Of Windows Forms Apps 
Preserving the alpha channel when converting images 
Sample TabStrip app 
Shell Style Drag and Drop in .NET (WPF and WinForms) 
SHGetFileInfo and 256x256 icons? 
Shunting-yard algorithm 
Tan color table 
User Application Settings 
Using IFilter in C# 
Using IShellItemImageFactory to get thumbnails on Vista!ECC4D3AB87790CFF!117.entry 
Using Restart Manager to Detect In-Use Files 
Vista Menu with Icons in C# 
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